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Pentalight Technology S/B. Control Center FCC-01, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. 81350 Skudai. Johor. Malaysia
Interactive Metaverse  Metaverse is the 3 dimensional interface between physical reality and data in cyberspace. Instead of virtual gaming, we create realms of digital twins for Ai, IOT, and machine to receive sensor data, processing spatial analysis and issue command to actuator. Metaverse is better than conventional webpage of 2 dimension display because city data is made relevant if it is topologically related, unlike personal data, enterprise data  or industrial IOT. PRODUCTS Field Control Center (FCC)  FCC is an offgrid control center for smartcity. Its core is a capsule for human operator to immense into the virtual realms with data visualized and can be manipulated.  The core is supported by data storage and processing module, communication module for local network, energy backup and customized compartment for life saving equipment.  FCC is necessary to maintain city function even if there is electricity and telecommunication blackout.
Pentalight Technology S/B. Field Control Center (FCC-1), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia 81350 Skudai, Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia.


Retrofit into existing light points, while preserving the original lighting profile and end users usage, demands high accuracy and larger scale simulation by meshing and reflecting the light on surfaces.The result of simulation is further translated into the required specification of physical LED lamp. The practise produces minimal or no lighting wastage with perfect blending of light for various activities.This is applicable for most stringent Green Building when perfect function and beauty are balanced.


The city has hundred thousands to millions of energy points supplying street light, traffic light, barrier, CCTV, flood pumps, flood gates, bus shops etc, sprawl across tens of km2. This is an impossible task to obtain real time information of each of them as well as coordinate for energy balancing, transfer and control. Our Interactive Metaverse brings all these elements into a single interface with human operator immerses within this universe,commandering the whole city with Ai. This technology has been deployed successfully across 2800 acres (11km2) of city size population and has managed to save 70 - 80% of energy usage.


Flash flooding forecast is different from weather forecast from Federal Meteorological Department. Flash flooding forecast deals with stormwater retention and drainage affected by local geotopology and city development. As every city is unique and every weather condition requires massive analysis from various specialists in real time, the flash flooding forecast for any city is an impossible task. Our Interactive Metaverse automates the analysis and the relationship of stormwater with the city.


Tourism is about the experience of culture, history and food. Metaverse style tourism adds layers of digital content, comfort and extra sources of revenue for tourism operators, local business and digital creative industry. Utilizing Metaverse as the cross reality (XR) plateform for digital tourism will bring in a lot more parties directly and indirectly, local or remote, to participate in local tourism and micro-small industry to enhance the experience and accelerating cashflow and revenue for the city. Metaverse will revolutionize the tousim as it is now “profitable to be fun”.



Aerial drone is increasingly being used for industrial and enterprise application amidst tighter regulation. Main usage of aerial drone is for topological survey, agricultural spraying and perhaps aerial advertisement. These operation were conducted with line of sight of the operator. The most useful application is yet to be realized fully. This is because each aerial flight is potentially a risk to bystanders and other physical assets if the mission is conducted remotely and out of sight of operator. Metaverse can be built within each drone and its handling system to improve safety and fail-safe control.