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Pentalight Technology S/B. Control Center FCC-01, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. 81350 Skudai. Johor. Malaysia
ABOUT The Best of Visionary
- Electronics engineering - Software engineering - Mechanical & Electrical - Ai, blockchain - Digital artist
Pentalight Technology S/B. Field Control Center (FCC-1), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia 81350 Skudai, Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia.

Pentalight is a smartcity technology company incorporated

during Internet-era, using Interactive Metaverse.

We in Pentalight believes  Ai and smartcity are essential for humanity, but are concerned by the effect of widening social divide between richer smartcity and other cities, and between the haves and have not within a smartcity. This social divide will tear our world apart and yet contemporary Ai and smartcity technology are propelling us to this collision course. We have to change. We are challenging the status quo by democratizing the technology so everyone, every city can share. Our new smartcity technology is designed from scratch to be cost effective, more energy efficient, open structure and economically sustainable.

Our Vision

Every city is uplifted and programed to protect and to

provide for every citizen, rich or poor, young and old.

Who we are

Our history


We began our operation 3 years after  incorporation. We are commissioned to assist in upgrading every corner of Prime Minster Office Administrative Complex in Putrajaya, Malaysia to become the most energy efficient building in South East Asia. Nascent Metaverse was used to calculate and visualize the result.


Completion and certification of Green Building Index Platinum level of Prime Minister Office by main contractor.  Metaverse for energy efficiency is being devised.


Metaverse for energy efficiency is being implemented with new business model for 2800 acres of university campus. Weather Ai module is being developed with partnership. 


The foundation for weather Ai module for Metaverse is constructed. Collaboration with local authority for Ai transferance training and venture opportunity.

2022 - 2023

Constructing immersive terminal with data center for 2 project sites. Social Fintech module and Remote Avionic Surveyance for Metaverse will be explored. Extending sale branches in Singapore and Philipines. Company restructuring for raising round “A”.

Research & Development

Metaverse is an immense interface and requires many

phases of multiple disciplines and Ai inferences.

Metaverse that can link with clusters of real physical machines and auto analyses sensor data, with human logic as the fulcrum, is the perfect interface to guide the next evolution of our city and the environment. In this metaverse, Ai computation are guided and bounded by the same physical barriers faced by human, and as such, every interaction can be 3 dimensions with time. We envision Interactive Metaverse to be the backbone for fairer smart city, multi layers drone delivery system within urban jungle, smart outpost for oil rig platform, and even the navigation module for spacecraft and human colony. It would be the ideal companion for our endeavor in demanding tasks. Our Metaverse begins with energy efficiency and balancing, with urban flooding forecast and management as our base layers. We are building on top of these success with subsequent modules: Arial search & rescue, and post disaster first responder deployment Arial close contact deterant Social engineering with game theory Retail and tourism integration Multimodal complete immersive experience Decarbonization trading and verification Climate change modeling on local topology

Special features



Raymond Tang Polymath. Masters in Surgery and Engineering, with skills in programming. Dr. Raymond has been involved in innovation of Metaverse for more than 11 years.
Bennett Ng Electronic Engineer with more than 40 years of experiences in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering.
Ahmad Fuad Computer Systemist with Master in Management. Dr. Fuad has been involved in IOT and software engineering for more than 15 years.
GLOBAL TALENTS AT YOUR DISPOSAL We have various expertise contracted to contruct interactive Metaverse
INNOVATION Unique solution bespoke for every city growing need. Innovation is ingrained in our propriatary technology.
RETROFIT INTO EXISTING INFRAS We believe that any advanced technology has to be retrofit into existing legacy system in the city. This reduces wastage and capital cost.

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The Best of Visionary